Welcome to Voka Colors, innovators in the field of coatings and adhesives. We help you find the right coating suitable for almost any application. Our focus is on innovation and high quality coatings.

Specialties are our specialty!



We provide the following special inks or varnishes:

  • Haptic Coatings (Texture and Soft Feel)
  • Food Packaging Lacquers (DFC and Indirect)
  • Low Migration UV and WB Coatings
  • Grease Barrier Coating
  • Pearlescent and Glitter Coatings
  • Release coatings
  • Moisture barrier / Hydrophobic  coatings
  • Blacklight UV and WB Coating
  • Security Application Coatings


Voka Colors has a very extensive range of UV and dispersion coatings. These coatings are produced in our new production facility in Zwolle. In addition, we make our own specialties such as pearlescent coatings, barrier coatings, special primers, direct food contact coatings, metallic coatings, etc.  As specialist manufacturers we are able to provide rapid service times with a high level of technical support.

We innovate for specialist requirements and have an extensive portfolio of standard UV Curing and Waterbased products available.